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The Academy of Agricultural Philosophy


"Unlearn everything taught to you by others, only Nature's teachings are worth keeping."
Let us connect with Nature through all our senses. Nature teaches us to be aware of ourselves. We develop this awareness through following our own inner-guidance.
We then experience directly the flow of Naturefs constant change, like water or like a cloud. This is the natural farmerfs way.


The Academy is an educational organization teaching todayfs youngsters about the wisdom of Nature and the practice of natural farming. It is creating a network of centres supporting this sustainable way of farming and way of living throughout the world, in particular: revival of agriculture that respects the Earth, education for the younger generation, renewal of the environment.

1 Revival of agriculture that respects the Earth
Current farming methods of agriculture are exhausting the Earth. There is no sustainable future for the over-use of chemicals, over-transportation of food and the dramatic loss of bio-diversity. It has become urgent that we change our agricultural methods.

2 Education for the younger generation
It is difficult for young people to lead a fulfilling life today. They grow up in a world which is soulless, materialistic and in which nothing is more important than economic growth and a superficial prosperity.

3 Improving the natural environment
The environmental crisis of Global Warming and the breakdown of ecosystems are deeply linked to modern agriculture. With this in mind we decided to establish The Academy for Agricultural Philosophy to revive the practice of natural farming. It aims to re-connect students with nature as their guide, to provide a practical place of education, a fulfilling daily life-style and at the same time will create a forum where inspired teachers and like-minded people can meet.

Educational Content:
The Academy's curriculum includes natural methods of producing, packaging and storing foods as well as drawing on works of ancient wisdom such as:

Eki-kyo (a form of feng shui divination that interprets geographic features)
Shi-kyo (a school of poetry that is inspired directly by nature)
Sho-kyo (philosophy concerned with harmonious human relationships)
Fudo (the study of rational relationships between humans and nature)
Feng Shui (the study of empathetic placement)

Studies also cover:
Construction using natural materials
Self-Sufficiency and the development of Local Economies
Garden Design,
Global Food Systems and Dynamics
Nutrition, Naturopathy, Oriental and Complementary Healthcare
The Origins and Philosophy of Farming
Natural Farming Methods: Crop Rotation, Encouraging Diversity
Proper Care of Implements
The Farming calendar

Unique Feature

The students are able to live and work in a variety of environments: Hokkaido(Japan), Scotland(U.K.) and The Democratic Republic of Congo (Africa). After Graduation, students may live and work permanently in as they will each receive the use of a piece of land

Sponsorship and grants will be available for some places, while other students' course fees will partly be covered by their harvested produce.

Course Requirements
Students should have a University degree or similar qualification. In other cases entrance will depend on the Academy's own examination and evaluation of a student's CV.

More about Natural Farming's aims and studies
Respect for plants.
We aim to re-awaken a respect for plants, a respect sadly lacking in the modern world. We study their extraordinary processes of transformation of Earth materials and Sun's energy and their selfless provision for all life on Earth.

Plant communication
Plants communicate amongst themselves in many different ways. Natural Farming relies on patient observation of this system to continue to learn further secrets of plant life.
Sensitivity and Gratitude
By studying and working with plants we can regain a harmony with them and a true appreciation of their endless gifts to us

Studying what plants truly need
By carefully observing plants, their real requirements will be discovered and can then be met. This connection has been lost through treating plants as economic factory units. Soil has become impoverished, growth is forced with fertilisers. This situation is not sustainable and is potentially disastrous for human health. We encourage respect for a plant's own time-scale, its own growth-pattern, its own pest-resistance, immunity and its own reproductive system. Once we humans have developed understanding and humility in our hearts we can go on to apply all modern science and artistic techniques in a harmonious way.

Encouraging plants' own natural environments
Vast fields of a single crop are a far cry from the way in which plants occur naturally. Again, to respect their lives and for future harmonious relations with plants we will continue to study and mimic the natural ways of plant groupings, companionships and surroundings.

Current Developments, "Like water, like clouds."
The Academy of Agricultural Philosophy has begun as a private institution yet aims to become a post-graduate university within three years so that a world-wide foundation of such academies can be developed.
Work has already begun at the BifukaAcademy in Hokkaido and the farm in Fukui Japan, as well as projects in Scotland and The Democratic Republic of Congo. Work is also underway to provide accommodation and dining facilities in Korea, the United Kingdom (London) and France (Paris, Nice). The Academy of Agricultural Philosophy will develop globally, across borders, for the benefit of mankind; becoming a school for learning the ways to live in harmony with nature.

Academy for Agricultural Philosophy Farming Retreats
Natural Farming Work Experience & Long Stay Programmes

The Bifuka Academy and Farm - Hokkaido, Japan
Is located in the middle of northern Hokkaido, amongst a vast forest that grows under the protection of snow. In a place that allows deep relaxation one learns to farm, and is inspired to reconnect with oneself, onefs heart, mind and senses. The fields are a ten minute walk into the forest from the centre. A log house building programme is currently underway. Skiing, hiking and wild food are also available according to the seasons - the dramatic changing of which is perhaps the greatest joy.
237-2 Aza-Penkei, Bifuka-cho, Nakagawa-gun Hokkaido. 098-2207
Phone:01656-2-4555 Japanese web-site:http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp-noutetsu/

The Fukui Farm

Our farm is located in the prefecture of Fukui which lies along the beautiful Echizen coast. Our Natural Farming technique has been developed on this farm for many years: in the greenhouses, the terraced rice paddies and vegetable patches hidden amongst the forest, and in a mountain hut from which one can look out over the coastline. In a remote, deserted village in the mountains we have begun to rebuild an abandoned, traditional house. Therefs always plenty to do with whatever help we receive. In autumn itfs the miracle of the grape harvest, whilst in summer we can enjoy sunbathing on the beach.
33-2-1 Mendori-cho, Fukui-shi, Fukui-ken, 910-3378
Japanese web-site:http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/noutetsufukui/

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